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This is the house where Raghavendra Swamy lived

The road in Bichale leading to Apannacharya's house where Rayaru lived for 12 years
This house was the place where Raghavendra Swamy or Rayaru as he is popularly known lived, stayed and spent twelve to thirteen years of his life. The house belonged to Appanacharya, a rich Zamindar of Bichale or Bikshalaya.
Appancharya had started a Patshala where hundreds of students came for their education. These students went around the village collecting alms for their food and, therefore, it came to be called as Bhikshalaya.
Raghavendra Swamy came to Bichale from Kumbakonam sometime in 1657. He stayed here till he entered Brindavana in Mantralaya in 1671.
The house is a must see for many people who came to Mantralaya. Unfortunately, the house was completely destroyed in the floods when the Tungabhadra river inundated and washed away the village of Bichale.
A closer view of Appanacharya's house
Today, Bichale is a deserted village and the new township has been constructed a little away. Several houses, temples and other structures are still in a ruined state.
The house where Rayaru stayed too was destroyed. Only the walls have been rebuilt. There is no roof on the house but one of the descendents of Appancharya is on hand to guide people and devotees and give them information about the house.
We can see here a design of small mud lamps placed in a rectangle. This was the place where our Rayaru slept. During earlier days, this place was cordoned off by roped with a Kannada caption saying that there is where Rayaru took rest.
The shadow of the cross is where Rayaru's feet pointed when he slept 
Rayaru slept here. The area has been fenced with lighted lamps.
The place where Rayaru performed Pooje to Moola Rama and other deities was earmarked earlier Today, it can only be pointed out.The house is small and two –roomed. The second room is where the anthill was located. It is here that Appanacharya everyday placed milk and a snake came out of the anthill and drank the milk.
One day, Rayaru decided to enter Brindavana. But he did not broach the topic with Appancharya as he knew that Appanacharya would not approve of the idea.
He then decided to get the snake to move away from the anthill. He asked Appanacharya to get the anthill removed. Rayaru said it is not good for future generations to have a snake in their house.
Appanacharya readily agree and Rayaru prayed to the snake god to move out. The snake instantly turned into stone and this is the photo of the image.

The Naga idol consecrated by Rayaru in the house

A closer view of the Naga idol
This photo is of Hanuman which is supposed to be very holy. Pray to this God here with a coconut and you wish will come true.

The Hanuman idol that Rayaru worshipped in the house

A descendent of Appanacharya explaining the details about the house and the plans to renovate it
 Today, the house is being rebuilt and it may take some more time for it to regain its original structure. 
Bichale is very near Mantralaya and it is located in Raichur district of Karnataka. Private buses, autos and tempos are available from Mantralaya to Bichale and they cover Panchamukhi Anjaneya too. But that is in the following posts. 

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